642-813 Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (Exam 41)

642-813 Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (Exam 41)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which port state is interface Fa0/2 of switch SW-B in for VLAN1 and 175?

  • Which Spanning Tree Protocol has been implemented on switch SW-B?

  • Which bridge ID belongs to switch SW-A?

  • Which port role has interface Fa0/2 of switch SW-A adopted for VLAN 44?

  • Which two statements are true about port BPDU Guard and BPDU filtering? (Choose two.)

  • How are STP timers and state transitions affected when a topology change occurs in...

  • Which two statements are true when the extended system ID feature is enabled? (Cho...

  • Which statement is true about RSTP topology changes?

  • Switch R1 is configured to use the VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP). What does R1 adve...

  • Switch R1 is part of the Company VTP domain. What's true of VTP Pruning within thi...

  • Switch R1 is configured with VTP. Which two VTP modes will make R1 capable of crea...

  • Two Company switches are connected via a trunk link. In this network, the original...

  • The Company core switches use 802.1Q trunks to connect to each other. How does 802...

  • Switch R1 has been configured with DTP using the desirable option. Which statement...

  • Which switch command enables a trunking protocol that appends a four byte CRC to t...

  • While using a packet analyzer, you notice four additional bytes being added to the...

  • You need to configure a new Company switch to support DTP. Which DTP switchport mo...

  • A new Company switch was just configured using the "switchport trunk native vlan 7...

  • Which statement is true regarding the configuration of ISL trunks?

  • What does the global command "udld enable" accomplish?

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