642-813 Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (Exam 59)

642-813 Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (Exam 59)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Assume that CEF is active on a switch. What happens to a packet that arrives needi...

  • During a packet rewrite, what happens to the source MAC address?

  • Where does a collision domain exist in a switched network?

  • How many layers are recommended in the hierarchical campus network design model?

  • What is the purpose of breaking a campus network into a hierarchical design?

  • End-user PCs should be connected into which of the following hierarchical layers?

  • A hierarchical network's distribution layer aggregates which of the following?

  • In the core layer of a hierarchical network, which of the following are aggregated?

  • In a properly designed hierarchical network, a broadcast from one PC is confined t...

  • What are two types of core, or backbone, designs?

  • A switch block should be sized according to which two of the following parameters?

  • How many distribution switches should be built into each switch block?

  • Which one of the following do multilayer switches share when running HSRP?

  • What HSRP group uses the MAC address 0000.0c07.ac11?

  • Two routers are configured for an HSRP group. One router uses the default HSRP pri...

  • A multilayer switch is configured as follows:interface fastethernet 1/1no switchpo...

  • Which one of the following is based on an IETF RFC standard?

  • What VRRP group uses the virtual MAC address 0000.5e00.01ff?

  • Which one of the following GLBP functions answers ARP requests?

  • Which one of these features is used to reduce the amount of time neededto rebuild ...

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