642-813 Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (Exam 62)

642-813 Implementing Cisco Switched Networks (Exam 62)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Access list rules are compiled as TCAM entries. When a packet is matched against a...

  • Assume that you have just entered the configure terminal command. To configure the...

  • Which Catalyst IOS switch command is used to assign a port to a VLAN?

  • Which of these protocols dynamically negotiates trunking parameters?

  • Two hosts are connected to switch interfaces Fast Ethernet 0/1 and 0/33, but theyc...

  • Which one of the following is needed for VTP communication?

  • Select all the parameters that decide whether to accept new VTP information:

  • What is the purpose of VTP pruning?

  • Two computers are the only hosts sending IP data across an EtherChannel betweentwo...

  • What mechanism is used to set STP timer values for all switches in a network?

  • What is the default "hello" time for IEEE 802.1D?

  • What command can change the path cost of interface Gigabit Ethernet 3/1 to a value...

  • Where should the STP PortFast feature be used?

  • If used, the STP BackboneFast feature should be enabled on which of these?

  • Which of the following commands can enable STP Loop Guard on a switch port?

  • UDLD must detect a unidirectional link before which of the following?

  • When does an RSTP switch consider a neighbor to be down?

  • Which of the following events triggers a topology change with RSTP on a nonedge port?

  • Suppose that a host sends a packet to a destination IP address and that the CEFbas...

  • What command can you use to view the CEF FIB table contents?

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