642-845 ONT - Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (Exam 3)

642-845 ONT - Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Cisco AutoQoS takes the interface type and bandwidth into consideration when confi...

  • Which two steps are executed in the deployment of Cisco AutoQoS for Enterprise? (C...

  • What are the three steps to implement a QoS policy in a network? (Choose three)

  • For defining the QoS policies for each traffic class, which parameters should be i...

  • Which three methods would help prevent critical network-traffic packet loss on hig...

  • In which QoS model do applications signal the network that they require certain Qo...

  • What are three traffic descriptors typically used to categorize traffic into diffe...

  • The IEEE 802.1p user priority field consists of how many bits?

  • Where is the least likely place for classification to be performed?

  • Weighted random early detection (WRED) has been configured. Out of every 512 packe...

  • What are three random early detection (RED) dropping modes? (Choose three)

  • Interface congestion is causing drops in voice packets and TCP packets. The drops ...

  • Which QoS tool is used to reduce the level of congestion in the queues by selectiv...

  • Which term defines packet drops that occur when more packets arrive on an interfac...

  • What are four types of delay that contribute to end-to-end packet delay?

  • Before AutoQoS can be configured, what two prerequisites must be met? (Choose two)

  • What two steps need to be taken in deploying AutoQoS for Enterprise on routers? (C...

  • Which QoS model makes use of ther Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)?

  • Which two statements are true about RSVP and the IntServ QoS model?

  • Which two statements about the DiffServ QoS model are true? (Choose two)

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