642-845 ONT - Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (Exam 8)

642-845 ONT - Optimizing Converged Cisco Networks (Exam 8)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which command would add a new Packet Description Language Module (PDLM) called cit...

  • Which statement best describes the Cisco 2700 Location Appliance collection of loc...

  • Which two statements about queuing mechanisms are true? (Choose two)

  • What is true about Quality of Service (QoS) for VPNs?

  • Which statement about the qos pre-classify command is true?

  • Which two statements are true about the Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wi-Fi Pro...

  • Which three devices are used by the Cisco Wireless Contol System (WCS) for wireles...

  • Which two Cisco AutoQoS configuration statements are true? (Choose two)

  • What accurely describes the usage of a Cisco AutoQoS command?

  • SDM creates a low latency queuing (LLQ) service policy with it's associated classe...

  • Which two statements describe the Cisco Wireless Control System (WCS)? (Choose two)

  • Which two features are supported by the WLAN Solution Engine (WLSE)? (Choose two)

  • Which certification-based protocol is implemented for wireless QoS between an AP a...

  • In which device or devices is wireless QoS implemented for Cisco Lightweight AP sp...

  • A branch office of Acme Insurance has 15 IP phones connected to the main office us...

  • What are three features of voice traffic on a network? (Choose three)

  • Refer to the exhibit. Packet-based WRR (not byte-count WRR) is being used to contr...

  • A stream of voice packets transmitted over a WAN network encounters differing queu...

  • What is a feature of low latency queuing?

  • What are thre of the functions that AutoQoS performs when it is configured on a sw...

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