642-973 Data Center Network Infrastructure Support -1 (Exam 3)

642-973 Data Center Network Infrastructure Support -1 (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two diagnostics are part of GOLD? (Choose two.)

  • Which two benefits are realized when deploying Cisco Catalyst 6500 VSS 1440 functi...

  • Which two file systems can hold a Cisco Catalyst 6500 IOS image? (Choose two.)

  • A Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch suffers a supervisor failure. Which statement ...

  • Which command enables the configuration of the first Gigabit Ethernet interface on...

  • How many virtual MAC addresses can member routers in a GLBP group serve?

  • A POP3 and an SMTP server must be visible at the same address through an FWSM.Whic...

  • How can a customer with multiple FWSM contexts limit the number of connections tha...

  • Your customer wants to use distinct security policies for different departments. W...

  • Which command will associate VLANs 10 and 11 with the FWSM in slot 5?

  • Which two statements regarding NetFlow and NDE on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 VSS 1440 s...

  • What is the maximum number of local SPAN source sessions on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 ...

  • Which command exports traffic statistics collected on NetFlow to a NetFlow collect...

  • Which two tasks are performed by the Policy Feature Card? (Choose two.)

  • Which two faults can EEM detect? (Choose two.)

  • Which command enables virtual firewalls on the FWSM?

  • How do you configure the management port VLAN on the NAM on a Cisco Catalyst 6500 ...

  • When SSO is deployed, what happens upon active supervisor failure?

  • You are a help desk trainee for Company.com. Just a simple question for you: the b...

  • You work as a Cisco data center sales professional at Company.com, and you are neg...

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