646-011 CSSS - Cisco Storage Sales Specialist Exam (Exam 3)

646-011 CSSS - Cisco Storage Sales Specialist Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • How many Fibre Channel ports does the Caching Service Module (CSM) have?

  • Which three are critical drivers that influence customers to evaluate better ways ...

  • Cisco partners play a major role in the design and implementation of MDS SAN imple...

  • Typical service for the MDS product is ______.

  • Which SAN technology is commonly used to connect mainframes to storage devices?

  • Which two customer requirements are met with the multiprotocol and integrated soft...

  • Which characteristics differentiate Cisco MDS and Brocade?

  • You are talking with a company that needs to reduce disaster-related risks and min...

  • What is the advantage of SAN backup over local tape backup and network backup?

  • Asynchronous replication is highly dependent upon which network functions?

  • Synchronous data replication insures that every transaction written to the local s...

  • Which technology provides the most cost effective synchronous replication?

  • What are the objectives of an ERP application?

  • Which storage applications are part of the Cisco Utility model and reside in the n...

  • In a fabric environment, Cisco's two primary competitors are? (Choose two)

  • What is storage consolidation?

  • What is the Fabric Manager Graphical User Interface (GUI) on the MDS platform?

  • What is the primary purpose of zoning in a fabric?

  • The use of the Virtual SAN (VSAN) feature of the MDS product can benefit the custo...

  • What are two benefits of Virtual SANs (VSANs)? (Choose two)

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