648-232 Cisco WebEx Solutions Design and Implementation (Exam 1)

648-232 Cisco WebEx Solutions Design and Implementation (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two deployment models are supported with Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Release ...

  • What happens to the data if the node at the branch site goes down?

  • Where does the WebEx node reside?

  • Which of these factors is not something customers need when adopting Cisco WebEx?

  • Why is the bandwidth requirement for sending video higher than the requirement for...

  • Which one of these groups uses a specific transport protocol, such as RSVP, for si...

  • In which category does the Domain setting appear in the WebEx Administration Tool?

  • What are trusted domains external to WebEx Connect?

  • Which task cannot be done by the site administrator, but must be done by opening a...

  • Why should policy groups be avoided when creating policies?

  • What should be enabled so that users do not have to enter their username and passw...

  • If an Active Directory Federation Services customer chooses to enable IWA, what wi...

  • Which group of administrative reports includes usage reports for Training Center, ...

  • Which issue should be escalated to Cisco Technical Support?

  • What should customers do to make a branding request?

  • How will the branding be displayed if you join a meeting on another company site?

  • NBR functionality features the Meeting Zone architecture. What is the purpose of t...

  • WebEx Meeting Center allows users to escalate to a WebEx meeting. What is required...

  • Which statement is true about screenshot captures in Enterprise IM?

  • Which customers would benefit from Cisco WebEx audio?

Dec. 21, 2016
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