648-232 Cisco WebEx Solutions Design and Implementation (Exam 2)

648-232 Cisco WebEx Solutions Design and Implementation (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • How many VoIP callers does WebEx audio support per meeting?

  • The current WebEx audio solution requires all audio to flow through the PSTN. How ...

  • Cloud-connected audio was designed for which customers?

  • Which statement is true about Cisco Unified MeetingPlace personal conferences?

  • Which two video choices do customers have for Cisco Unified MeetingPlace hybrid de...

  • Which statement is true in regards to Cisco Unified MeetingPlace video?

  • What does the global attentiveness meter monitor?

  • Which two of these statements best describe the benefits of the immersive customer...

  • What is the number one customer complaint surveyed by technical support organizati...

  • What are the three ways that the WebEx Support Center improves key performance met...

  • What is the difference between HQ and HD video?

  • Which statement is true about active speaker?

  • What network bandwidth is recommended for high-quality WebEx video services?

  • How do you share data from Cisco TelePresence WebEx OneTouch?

  • Which statement is true about deploying WebEx OneTouch?

  • What are two benefits of downloading WebEx Productivity Tools using the company We...

  • Which two platforms are the first to be combined to make up the WebEx Meetings sha...

  • What is the maximum capacity of participants for a Cisco WebEx Meeting Center and ...

  • Your primary site becomes unavailable. Which one of these features enables you to ...

  • With regard to conference node redundancy, if a region requires 2400

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