648-375 Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers (Exam 3)

648-375 Cisco Express Foundation for Systems Engineers (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which three are the most important business-driven considerations regarding networ...

  • Which two of these Catalyst switch series are typically deployed in the distributi...

  • What are the three elements of the Cisco Unified Access solution? (Choose three.)

  • What are the two benefits of the "one policy" approach in the Cisco Unified Access...

  • Which statement about the Cisco switching product portfolio is correct?

  • Which two of the following are recommended minimum required building blocks for a ...

  • Which two Cisco products can ensure the "one policy" platform in the Cisco Unified...

  • What are the two QoS features important to customers? (Choose two)

  • Which three protocols are first-hop redundancy protocols? (Choose three.)

  • What are two reasons you would add Cisco WAAS to the branch router? (Choose two.)

  • Which statement correctly describes Cisco WAAS?

  • About 50 percent of the installed base of Cisco routers are reaching end of servic...

  • Which one of these statements is true about Cisco EnergyWise technology?

  • Which three security features are available on Cisco Catalyst switches? (Choose th...

  • Which three are challenges that are related to video deployments that are addresse...

  • Which two capabilities does Cisco SecureX give organizations for their BYOD soluti...

  • Which two solutions are part of the Cisco SecureX Architecture? (Choose two.)

  • Which three are the benefits of the Cisco SecureX architecture? (Choose three.)

  • Which two security features are part of the Cisco Catalyst Integrated Security Too...

  • Which two VPN technologies are used in the site-to-site connectivity? (Choose two.)

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