648-385 CXFF - Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers (Exam 9)

648-385 CXFF - Cisco Express Foundation for Field Engineers (Exam 9)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which design phase service component includes the development and documentation of...

  • Using Smart Designs increases the typical deal size by how much?

  • How many users are supported on the Cisco Unified Communications models 540 and 56...

  • Which two statements best describe the wireless core features set using autonomous...

  • Which command would you use to run authorization for all commands at the specified...

  • Which pre-sales SMART Design documents are available to help you implement and ins...

  • Which receiving antenna has high gain and requires accurate aim at the transmittin...

  • What is the major difference between TACACS+ and RADIUS?

  • Which two WAN interfaces does the Cisco SRP 520 Series support? (Choose two)

  • Which three WAN technologies does the Cisco SR 500 Family support? (Choose three)

  • What can be used to troubleshoot complex network and VPN connectively issues?

  • Where might you go on the Cisco ASDM home page to review graph outputs?

  • Which three types of ACL would you use to secure traffic on the network? (Choose t...

  • Which two statements are correct about OSPF in a multiarea environment? (Choose two)

  • OSPF routes are being redistributed into EIGRP but they are not showing up in the ...

  • You are configuring a VLAN and the switch you are using requires that you do so wi...

  • Which three statements are correct about the IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet stan...

  • What is the primary purpose of SMB Smart Designs?

  • Which of these is the best definition of the Cisco Lifecycle Services approach?

  • How are lightweight access points different than autonomous access points?

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