650-032 Mobile Internet Technology for Account Managers (Exam 2)

650-032 Mobile Internet Technology for Account Managers (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which company is a primary competitor of MITG?

  • Which company offers seamless migration to 4G?

  • Which key components of the CDMA solution make it different from UMTS?

  • Which option is one of the biggest benefits of the EPC architecture?

  • In which key performance measure does Cisco consistently out perform its competition?

  • What is the Cisco ASR 5000 operating system software based on?

  • Which service do most customers currently use?

  • What type of card fit into the front of Cisco ASR 5000 chassis?

  • What did cisco create to address the issues raised with SGSNs with put removing th...

  • Which benefit of LTE will help operators meet their individual deployment needs?

  • Which feature is the back bone of MITG distributed architecture?

  • In what two ways to subscribe-aware stateful firewalls compliment internet firewalls?

  • What is the long term vision of packet core solution?

  • MITG can help customers signaling costs by 30% because it combines two common tech...

  • Which cisco technical service is used to resolve approximately 80% of network issu...

  • Which two features are benefits of CDMA? (Choose two)

  • Which option helps to define activities that are needed to successfully deploy and...

  • Which card has the resources to run multiple services?

  • Which feature is a key benefit of Cisco ASR 5000 platform?

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