650-082 Mobile Internet Technology for System Engineers (Exam 1)

650-082 Mobile Internet Technology for System Engineers (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What are two functions of the SGSN operator policy? (Choose two.)

  • Which two of the following are characteristics of high availability task? (Choose ...

  • In what two ways to subscribe-aware stateful firewalls compliment internet firewal...

  • Which of these is characteristic of the GTPP group configuration?

  • Which feature is one of the main features offered by Cisco Smart Services?

  • Which of the following is one of the three identifiers of the area ID?

  • What type of cards fir into the front of Cisco ASR 5000 chassis?

  • Which of thess is characteristic of alet model?

  • Which card in the back of Cisco ASR 5000 provides connectivity for local and remot...

  • Which technology can reduce the number of transactions from four to eight?

  • Which of the following statements are true regarding loopback interfaces?

  • Which service do most customers currently use?

  • Which of these is an operator privilege?

  • Which controller task is used to facilitate IP routing across and within contexts?

  • Which new architecture did Cisco conpetitors develop to bypass SGSN?

  • Which two capabilities are the parths of MME soiution? (Choose two)

  • Which reference point is used between the UTRAN and serving gateway for user plane...

  • Which bus interconnects RCCs and line cards?

  • What is one main benefit of MITG inline services?

  • Which of the following is a characteristic i\of the 32-Gb/s control bus?

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