650-127 Cisco Connected Grid (Engineer) Knowledge Verification (Exam 2)

650-127 Cisco Connected Grid (Engineer) Knowledge Verification (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which feature is supported by Cisco License Manager3.0?

  • What are features controlled on the Cisco CGR 2010?

  • Why is IEC 61850 important within the energy / utility industry?

  • Refer to the exhibit. What does "ESP" represent?

  • Information available for MODBUS?

  • What GRWIC module is available for CGR2010?

  • What will happen when only one power supply is ordered for each CGS or CGR?

  • Which Cisco IOS software packages are not supported on the Cisco CGR 2010?

  • Which statement about the CGR2010 is correct?

  • Which of these is a network requirement for remote workforce management?

  • Cisco recommends that you always start to populate the Cisco CGR 2010 from which s...

  • Why is the blank cover needed when there is only one power supply in use?

  • What is the correct time delay for a critical GOOSE Type-1 message?

  • What version of Cisco Configuration Professional support CGR and CGS products?

  • What is the benefit of phasor measurement unit data?

  • Which two data flows are used with Substation Automation with GOOSE?

  • Which section of NERC-CIP specifies physical security requirements?

  • What is the function of security event data processed in real time for incident re...

  • What are the two different types of console ports available? (Choose two.)

  • Which trend is driving the move toward Smart Grid?

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