650-177 SMBAM - SMB Solutions for Account Managers (Exam 1)

650-177 SMBAM - SMB Solutions for Account Managers (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • The Solutions Recommendation Guide is a framework for creating a customized SMB so...

  • What two technologies do SMB customers most often want to implement in the future?...

  • What Cisco CE520 feature optimizes quality of service?

  • What is a key purpose of the Solutions Recommendation Guide?

  • Which Cisco support service product is sold, supported, and delivered by partners?

  • What resource would you recommend to a new Cisco partner for a variety of tools?

  • What is a primary partner benefit of selling services?

  • What is the primary purpose of IPS?

  • Which three characteristics are indicators that a potential SMB customer is in the...

  • Which two CRM servers allow Cisco Unified Call Connector to be configured for conn...

  • A distribution area provides an aggregation point for which components?

  • MightyResearch indicated that a significant percentage of SMBs are concerned about...

  • Why are consumer-grade access points and routers not the best choice for SMBs? (Ch...

  • Which Cisco support service product targets customers with up to 48 users on a net...

  • The Cisco UC520 provides integrated WLAN connectivity to mobile clients for which ...

  • In which areas do SMBs tend to require better products than found in retail stores?

  • Select the three foundational hardware components that comprise the Smart Business...

  • Increased productivity, minimized legal risks, and improvements in "green" operati...

  • Identity authentication, protocol encryption, secure guest access, voice over WLAN...

  • Which two are elements of the operational-efficiency business challenge? (Choose t...

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