650-177 SMBAM - SMB Solutions for Account Managers (Exam 3)

650-177 SMBAM - SMB Solutions for Account Managers (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Customer concerns about technology maturity, cost effectiveness, quality of work l...

  • What are two key features that make the ASA5510 a better solution for SMB than the...

  • What are two indicators that a customer should consider the installation of a Wire...

  • Cisco Small Business products address which installation requirement more effectiv...

  • What advantage does integrated messaging have over standard voice-mail systems?

  • What are two benefits for the Cisco partner, derived from the Cisco SBR methodolog...

  • Which feature is an advantage of the Cisco Small Business VPN Router Series?

  • How does system management differ between Cisco and Cisco Small Business products?

  • Which four vertical markets is IPsmartSuite focused? (Choose four.)

  • According to findings of the bMightyResearch report, which two statements about UC...

  • When trying to sell a security solution to an e-commerce business, which three bus...

  • The Cisco UC500 component of the Smart Business Communication System provides whic...

  • Choose the element that differentiates the Cisco SBCS solution from the competing ...

  • Which statement best describes what Cisco Smart Care Service provides?

  • Which two are characteristics of the cost-containment business challenge? (Choose ...

  • Which two functions does Cisco Configuration Assistant provide? (Choose two.)

  • Which three beneficial features are found on the Cisco.com website? (Choose three.)

  • Which statement is true of Cisco Monitor Director (CMD)?

  • Which of the following links on SMB Partner Central home page provides information...

  • What is a useful tool to get solution requirements and pricing in the sales process?

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