650-178 SBCSEN - Smart Business Communication Systems for Engineers (Exam 1)

650-178 SBCSEN - Smart Business Communication Systems for Engineers (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • How are the voice and data devices organized in the LAN for SBCS

  • Which two are benefits of installing Cisco Monitor Director at an SMB Site? Select...

  • What are two ways to test LAN connectivity on the Cisco CE520? Select two.

  • In a SBCS install with 16 users, what is the max number of teleworkers the system ...

  • In the SBCS which two services are provided to each teleworker, home office or mob...

  • Which interface on the Cisco UC520 is assigned an IP either statically or through ...

  • Which dial plan scenario may require PSTN trunks for ountbound?

  • Which of these statements correctly describes the security audit that is run on th...

  • Which 3 features does the Cisco UC520 support? Select three.

  • Which Cat 520 feature optimizes QOS?

  • Your installation site uses traditional telephones and fax machines as well as the...

  • How is the LAN designed in the SBCS?

  • Which 2 benefits will a client see from adding a wireless lan controller to their ...

  • How many voice expansion slots are available on the UC520?

  • Which statement correctly describes the keyswitch model of deployment for call pro...

  • In which modes can the 521 Access Point be configured? Select two.

  • In the Smart Business Communications system, which method is typically used to ini...

  • In a new Cisco UC520 install, when must IP routing be configured?

  • To save time during rediscovery, which three type of device information does the C...

  • Which statement accurately describes configuration of VPN server?

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