650-296 TelePresence Video Sales Engineer for Advanced Exam (PATVSEA) (Exam 2)

650-296 TelePresence Video Sales Engineer for Advanced Exam (PATVSEA) (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What are two ways that a Cisco TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) endpoi...

  • After implementing a design, what is the goal of the next step in the PPDIOO model?

  • What does Cisco TelePresence Movi provide in a telepresnence solution?

  • What is a requirement for a non-traversal-enabled endpoint to endpoint to connect ...

  • When using the multizone VCS WAM model, what happens to a location request for a u...

  • When planning for resiliency of your deployment, how many VCSs can be clustered?

  • Which two of these are reasons to cluster VCSs? (Choose two)

  • What is the function of the multipoint control unit in a telepresence deployment?

  • Which software license option allows a multipoint control unit connection to addit...

  • Which of the following is required to allow placing and receiving URI calls throug...

  • What is the primary function of the Cisco MSE 8321 ISDN GW blade?

  • A VCS Expressway is used to traverse the firewall for multiple VCS Control travers...

  • Which conceptual zone, controlling the amount of bandwidth used by calls passing t...

  • Which three of the following are features of the Cisco Telepreaence Video Communic...

  • Endpoints register to the VCS Control on the LAN and a VCS Expressway is used for ...

  • In the multizone model with Prefix Dialing, what are suffixes and prefixes used for?

  • You are asked to implement a Cisco TelePresence pilot on a client network. Which d...

  • What can you use to map SIP addresses to E.164 aliases?

  • When configuring a connection to a remote cluster, why should you configure the re...

  • What is required to include ISDN participants in a call with a multipoint control ...

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