650-297 TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Advanced Exam (Exam 3)

650-297 TelePresence Video Field Engineer for Advanced Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What do you need to do in order to prevent browsers from generating warnings about...

  • You are having trouble upgrading the Cisco TelePresence C Series Codec system usin...

  • What does a continuous green light on the front of the camera indicate?

  • Which storage location options, other than the Cisco TMS server, are available for...

  • Why is the Cisco TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) important?

  • Why would an endpoint stop sending 720p in a call with a Cisco TelePresence MCU?

  • The camera remote control is not responding. What can an engineer check in order t...

  • Which Is the recommended method for backing up and restoring the SQL database?

  • What do you need to add to the VCS configuration to correctly configure a SIP trun...

  • What information about a change can you determine from the configuration log on a ...

  • Which log file should you check if Cisco TMS is not accessible through the browser?

  • Which command is used to set the IP configuration for a Cisco TelePresence MCU?

  • When can a transform rule be applied on a Cisco TelePresence VCS?

  • Interworking can you use to control the speed of a call within the same subzone?

  • Endpoints can be placed into different Cisco TelePresence VCS (X5 or above) subzon...

  • What should you use to back up the configuration of a Cisco TelePresence VCS (X5 s...

  • Which two items should you check on the local Cisco TelePresence C Series Codec wh...

  • A Cisco TelePresence MCU Auto Attendant does not allow users to set up ad hoc conf...

  • What are the system components of provisioning?

  • A network of five regional Cisco TelePresence VCSs and one directory Cisco TelePre...

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