650-331 SP Video Phase II Wireline (Exam 1)

650-331 SP Video Phase II Wireline (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the maximum number of devices that a ROSA EM can manage?

  • What in a Cisco STB allows a service provider to change middleware to deployed STBs?

  • What Cisco encoder model can encodeHD programsinto H.264?

  • What model can be used as an integrated streamer vault (ISV)?

  • What Cisco encoder model can encode MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 SD simultaneously?

  • What Cisco satellite receiverdoes not have an MPEGoIP output?

  • How many devices can theCopernicusstandardversion manage before it is recommendedt...

  • What Cisco Satellite receivercan decrypt1 PowerVu encryptedprogram and decode to H...

  • When is a co-processor card required for the DCM?

  • What is the nominal core bandwidth required for cache fill from the CDS vault to t...

  • How many cards can a 2 RU version of the DCM hold?

  • What bandwidth is usedto determinethe number of streamlicense requiredwhen calcula...

  • How can channel change time be reduced?

  • What additional ROSA componentcan be purchasedin order to record and graph levels ...

  • What is the most appropriate use of theD9887?

  • What is the redundancy method in CDS that allowsfor the failure of streamer?

  • What is the lowest cost Cisco satellite receiver with a SDI output?

  • What CDS model can be used as CDS TV Manager?

  • What version of DSL provides the most amount of downstream bandwidth?

  • In order to manage devices with just the ROSA EM, what additional license must be ...

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