700-281 Web Security Field Engineer (WSFE) (Exam 1)

700-281 Web Security Field Engineer (WSFE) (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Why does L4TM require T1 to be in promiscuous mode?

  • Which action does Dynamic Content Analysis enable the Web Security Appliance to do?

  • In the access log, what does an ACL tag beginning with BLOCK_ADMIN indicate?

  • You are helping the customer configure authentication. A new AsyncOS upgrade becom...

  • Which of these cannot be used in defining policies?

  • If authentication is enabled, which statement is true?

  • What is "stream scanning"?

  • Which of these is not used as a monitoring tool?

  • Which option describes how a user enables licensed features on the virtual WSA?

  • Which option describes the Cisco best practice for configuration of the Web Usage ...

  • What does the appearance of the ACL tag BLOCK_WBRS in the access log mean?

  • Which option describes the Cisco best practice for using authentication-based acce...

  • If you want to create a ScanSafe filter that will block any shopping or gambling w...

  • Bandwidth limits cannot be:

  • A single transaction can be scanned in parallel by:

  • Which option describes the policies that the security administrator can create usi...

  • Which S-Series CLI command can help troubleshoot WCCP?

  • Which statement is false?

  • For WSA SaaS Access Control, the Identity Provider is:

  • How is PIM usually run?

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