820-421 Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis (Exam 1)

820-421 Applying Cisco Specialized Business Value Analysis (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which piece of data should give you insight into a top executive stakeholder's bus...

  • What should you consider when recommending solutions?

  • Who is responsible for ensuring that the right people are assigned to assess resul...

  • Which is the most effective way to assess sales team benefits from an enhanced wir...

  • What part of the benefits realization approach includes documentation and tracking...

  • When establishing a current view of your customer, which is an appropriate interna...

  • Which customer-provided sources would give you insight into a public company's rec...

  • Why would an investment analyst report be a good source of company information?

  • Which two insights would a private company executive expect you to know about thei...

  • Which tool or document can help you identify areas of gaps in knowledge about your...

  • Which is a benefit from establishing credibility with multiple customer stakeholders?

  • Which of the following can best help you establish credibility with a customer exe...

  • Which behavior is appropriate when discovering requirements?

  • Who are recommended as good sources to provide requirements in a customer engagement?

  • A value chain analysis places focus on which two main areas? (Choose two.)

  • Which is the recommended approach or activity for extending requirements analysis?

  • Which two items are described as part of a business scenario? (Choose two.)

  • What is a business use case?

  • Which is the Cisco recommended technique for verifying the 'as-is' state of the bu...

  • What is the benefit of turning a pain point into an opportunity?

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