9A0-035 Adobe Illustrator CS ACE Exam (Exam 6)

9A0-035 Adobe Illustrator CS ACE Exam (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which two palettes can be used to insert a special character when using an OpenTyp...

  • What requires manually changing type to outlines before using it in order to modif...

  • You want a mirror image copy of your text object immediately adjacent to your sele...

  • Which font format can contain more than 65,000 glyphs in a single font file?

  • How do you create text with hanging indentation?

  • You have created a Character style and you want to apply the style to a single wor...

  • You have placed an Adobe Photoshop file into Adobe Illustrator using the Convert P...

  • You have a complex illustration comprised of many overlapping paths. The positioni...

  • How should you create a clipping mask using the Layers palette?

  • Which object attributes can be controlled in the Layers palette?

  • What are three appearance attributes that can be applied to layers? (Choose three.)

  • Which statement about importing and exporting Adobe Photoshop files from Adobe Ill...

  • Which statement about layers in Adobe Illustrator is true?

  • You are applying a stroke and fill to a clipping mask. Which statement is true?

  • When should you assign registration color?

  • You want gradients between two spot colors to print correctly. What should you do?

  • You want to set crop marks directly in your artwork and specify a user defined are...

  • Your artwork contains overlapping objects. In which situation may trapping be unne...

  • What is the location of the default settings that determine the resolution when co...

  • Which rasterization setting can reduce the appearance of jagged edges in the raste...

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