9A0-040 Adobe Premiere Pro (Exam 1)

9A0-040 Adobe Premiere Pro (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which question about capturing analog video in Adobe Premiere Pro is true?

  • You have been give a Premiere Pro project file and source tapes. When you open the...

  • You are using device control with a non-DV device. You want to control this device...

  • When is digital audio conformed to the project settings?

  • You are working in a project that is 720 by 480 pixels. You import a still image t...

  • For which type of project would it be acceptable to ignore or turn off the Title S...

  • You want text in a title to follow a circular path. What should you do?

  • Which statement about a static title created in the Adobe Title Designer is true?

  • Where does a saved static title created in the Adobe Title Designer automatically ...

  • Which setting determines the speed of a rolling or crawling title?

  • Which roll/crawl option specifies the number of frames that will play before the t...

  • You are creating a title in the Title Designer. You can see some video behind your...

  • Which audio processing step occurs first when you import a project?

  • What is the default crossfade between two audio tracks when you choose Sequence &g...

  • How do you increase the volume of a clip?

  • Which automation mode in the Audio Mixer window should you use if you want automat...

  • Which task can be accomplished from the Audio Mixer window?

  • Which options in the Export Movies dialog box will allow you to open and edit the ...

  • You are working with a sequence that will be exported to a movie for streaming Web...

  • Which set of options in the Transcode Settings dialog box of the Adobe Media Encod...

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