9A0-045 Adobe InDesign CS 2 ACE Exam (Exam 1)

9A0-045 Adobe InDesign CS 2 ACE Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which feature is an advantage offered only by OpenType fonts?

  • While placing a Photoshop file in an InDesign page, you want to specify a particul...

  • You make and name a gradient and store it in the Swatches palette. What happens if...

  • You want to vertically center the word "Typography" in a text frame. When you set ...

  • You are importing paragraph styles from one InDesign document to another. The Load...

  • You open a file that contains a combination of inline and custom anchored objects....

  • You want content from an InDesign CS2 document in an InDesign CS document. What sh...

  • When should you choose to merge XML during import, rather than append?

  • What is the most flexible format for storing information that will be published by...

  • You work as a designer at Company .com. You have created a table, and want to set ...

  • Which statement about editing text in the Story Editor is true?

  • What is the role of a Color Management System (CMS) in a color managed workflow?

  • You want all of the rectangles in a document to have a fill of Pantone 114C and a ...

  • How do you resize a graphic frame and its content simultaneously?

  • You select and cut a column from an existing table. You want to replace the conten...

  • You are placing a layered PSD file and want to change its active layer comp to a d...

  • What does the graphic shown in the exhibit indicate? Exhibit:

  • Which will cause InDesign's Preflight to flag a problem with a file?

  • How should you create a Snippet?

  • You use Quick Apply to apply a paragraph style to a selected text frame. What is t...

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