9A0-046 Adobe GoLive CS2 ACE Exam (Exam 2)

9A0-046 Adobe GoLive CS2 ACE Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which tab in the Site window should be used to save the results for later use afte...

  • Which step or steps should you take to quickly make the Source Code Editor show la...

  • Which mobile device document type allows you to use an accesskey attribute for an ...

  • Which interactivity can be added to an SVG file using the SVG Editor?

  • You want to add files to your site such that you can view the metadata of a file p...

  • What does the Change Links command allow you to do?

  • You are using the Site window to change the organization of your site. Which tab a...

  • Which tab on the Site window contains a list of linked e-mail addresses that appea...

  • You want to store frequently used URLs and e-mail links. Which Site window tab sho...

  • You want to fix an orphan files error that is visible on the Errors tab of the Sit...

  • What does creating a dynamic collection allow you to do?

  • What happens when you import an Adobe GoLive CS site into GoLive CS2?

  • Which statement about editing links using the In & Out Links palette is true?

  • You click a file that is already selected in the Files tab of the Site window. You...

  • Which CSS style type is only available for creation in an internal style sheet?

  • You are creating an internal style sheet. Into which section of the source is the ...

  • Which menu command should you choose to start the process of creating an external ...

  • Which format for wireless devices is supported in Adobe GoLive?

  • Where are the default templates that are provided with GoLive and used to create e...

  • You want to create an internal style sheet where the links are defined WITHOUT an ...

Dec. 2, 2016
review by shiny s (@jyothi)
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