9A0-046 Adobe GoLive CS2 ACE Exam (Exam 4)

9A0-046 Adobe GoLive CS2 ACE Exam (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What is the purpose of the CSS tab?

  • You are working on a site page. Which option will be highlighted in the Source Cod...

  • Which type of query is created when the query is set up without a site open?

  • What is a Web page checked against when you choose Edit > Check Syntax?

  • You are establishing links on a Web page. What is the primary benefit of using the...

  • You want to convert an existing Web page to a template. Which task can be complete...

  • Which Forms object should you add to a form so the user receives a thank you page ...

  • You want to place a JPEG file from a digital camera on a Web page. The dimensions ...

  • Which is a result when you use tables to add a liquid layout to a page?

  • Exhibit:Which two properties on the CSS layout object does the CSS provide? (Choos...

  • You want to define a default external style sheet for your site such that when a n...

  • Which Object tab contains an object that allows you to create an image of a PDF do...

  • WML, XHTML, and cHTML are all languages GoLive uses to create content for _____.

  • You have added keywords by using Adobe Bridge. Which other type of metadata can yo...

  • Why should you use the Sync Modification Times command?

  • Which Web site export option maps the hierarchy of folders, pages, and resources w...

  • What should you do in subsequent uploads to keep your Web site synchronized?

  • Which non-file item can you add to the Site window by using the Clean Up Site comm...

  • Which two tasks can you perform to create an animation by using the DHTML Editor? ...

  • You are adding a ready-to-use action to your page by using the DHTML Timeline Edit...

Dec. 2, 2016
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