9A0-061 Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Professional ACE Exam (Exam 2)

9A0-061 Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Professional ACE Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What do you do to add a DVD Main Menu Marker at the current time indicator in the ...

  • What should you do to change the length of the video that shows inside your Animat...

  • You are working in the DVD Layout panel. How should you change the font used to la...

  • What should you do to save a DVD folder in your hard drive?

  • What should you do to pan a track that is mastered to 5.1 surround?

  • What happens when you click an individual audio track's Solo Track icon in the Aud...

  • Which is the primary advantage of using a VST plug-in?

  • You have applied an effect by using the Audio Mixer. Adding a new clip to the trac...

  • What does adjusting the timecode display to Audio Units allow you to do?

  • What is affected when applying an audio effect to an audio track in the Audio Mixer?

  • You created Volume keyframes in a track by using the Write automation method. Whic...

  • When should you map a clip's source audio channels?

  • Which determines the specific settings that appear in the ASIO settings dialog box?

  • Which panel allows you to create settings that will allow you to capture only the ...

  • How do you add an Opacity keyframe to a clip on the timeline with the Selection tool?

  • Double-clicking on the work area bar in the Timeline panel _____.

  • What happens when you open a project with a custom workspace on a computer other t...

  • Click the Exhibit button.You are dragging a panel. What happens to the dragged pan...

  • How will sequence markers in a nested sequence appear in the parent sequence and i...

  • What happens when you use the Slip tool to drag the center clip of three clips to ...

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