9A0-064 Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 Mobile Developer Exam (Exam 2)

9A0-064 Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 Mobile Developer Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What defines a class named Car that receives additional properties and methods fro...

  • What method loads external JPGs into a MovieClip instance?

  • A phone supporting SMS is selected in the device profile of the mobile emulator. W...

  • Your are using the attachMovie method. What happens when you attach two MovieClips...

  • What happens when this code is executed? (Choose TWO) retval =fscommand2( "GetDevi...

  • Which two classes natively support the length property in Flash Lite0/2.1? (Choose...

  • An event object is generated:

  • How does the mobile emulator in the Flash 8 authoring tool test device video?

  • You have selected a device in the Flash Lite emulator and you have ActionScript th...

  • Which is a network operator that owns it's infrastructure?

  • An application needs to run on two different devices. Each device requires differe...

  • What unique code is used to distinguish each Symbian based application installed o...

  • What does the file extension SIS refer to when packaging Flash Lite applications f...

  • How does the emulator in the Flash authoring tool handle testing device video?

  • When attempting to access a network connection from the Flash Lite player, what ha...

  • What file type is used to install games and applications to Symbian handsets?

  • An application that you have written is attempting to load 100kb of XML data from ...

  • Does Flash Lite support https protocol?

  • Click the Exhibit button.Which labeled keys are unavailable for access from Flash ...

  • What does GSM stand for in the mobile industry?

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