9A0-092 Flash CS4 ACE Certification (Exam 2)

9A0-092 Flash CS4 ACE Certification (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • You want to use a MovieClip in the Library to create a symmetrical pattern on the ...

  • Which tool uses a symbol in the Library to create a pattern?

  • Click the Exhibit button.You have selected the current shape with the Free Transfo...

  • You want to scale an object on the Stage proportionately.What should you do?

  • Which two options will allow you to rotate an object on the Stage? (Choose two)

  • You want to select a point within a line segment on the Stage.Which tool should yo...

  • Which anti-alias option should you use to remove anti-aliasing from a TextField?

  • You want to display more than one line of text with word wrap in a dynamic TextFie...

  • Which two file formats can be imported into an SWF file at runtime? (Choose Two)

  • Which file format supports vector based art that can be brought into Flash?

  • Which TextField type automatically embeds font outlines?

  • Which two are types of text fields in Flash? (Choose two)

  • Which statement about converting a shape to a symbol is true?

  • Which is a benefit of duplicating symbols?

  • A dynamically loaded image is larger than your stage.Which component should you us...

  • Which component can be attached to a TextField object to create scrollable text?

  • Which editable component is contained in a ComboBox?

  • You want to edit the skin of an FLV Playback component.What should you do?

  • Click the Exhibit button.Which frame type is the indicated frame?

  • Which statement about creating animations using the timeline is true?

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