9A0-092 Flash CS4 ACE Certification (Exam 4)

9A0-092 Flash CS4 ACE Certification (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • You want to add a blur filter to a movie clip.What should you do?

  • You want to apply a blur effect to your text.What should you do?

  • You want to add a drop shadow filter to a movie clip.What should you do?

  • Which is a best practice when it comes to managing file size of external bitmap fi...

  • Which two bitmap techniques are helpful when managing performance? (Choose two.)

  • Click the Exhibit button.Which layer is used to hold an inverse kinematics armature?

  • You want to select all of the bones in an inverse kinematics armature.What should ...

  • You have used the Bone tool to animate an arm moving.Which tool can be used to lim...

  • Which must be true before using the Bone tool and inverse kinematics?

  • Which Date() constructor returns a Date object containing the current date and tim...

  • You create the following string in ActionScript 3:var str:String = "Adobe";Which s...

  • Which property of the MovieClip class is modified when an object is rotated with t...

  • You want to create and display an empty TextField in ActionScript 3.0.Which statem...

  • A textfield has a string of characters within it. Which method or property will re...

  • Which statement should you use to create an instance of the Date class?

  • Given the following ActionScript statement:var now:Date = new Date();Which is the ...

  • Which statement about an interface is true?

  • Which keyword applies an interface to a class?

  • Which ActionScript keyword indicates that a class inherits from another class?

  • Which ActionScript keyword prevents a class property from being inherited by ANY s...

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