9L0-420 MIB v10.10 (Exam 2)

9L0-420 MIB v10.10 (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A default installation of OS X supports VPN over which protocols? (Select THREE.)

  • On your Mac, you're adding a Mail account that will access email from an Exchange ...

  • What happens if you block all incoming connections in the "Firewall service" optio...

  • You're setting up Messages on a Mac. Which messaging protocol is used to send inst...

  • In addition to the Active Directory server domain name, which of these do you need...

  • Which statement about FileVault is true?

  • Which OS X utility can you use to transfer files from a Windows computer to a new ...

  • You're going to connect a new external hard drive to your Mac. Which action will c...

  • A MacBook Pro with Retina display has an unknown firmware password. How can you re...

  • Which of these can you configure to access a Microsoft Exchange server computer? (...

  • Which statement accurately describes the role of FileVault?

  • Which of these provides directory and authentication services for Windows Server?

  • You're using Boot Camp to install Windows on your Mac. Which is the minimum versio...

  • In a default configuration of Time Machine, which files on a Mac are NOT backed up?

  • Which technology does Messages use for video chats?

  • What is another name for CIFS?

  • Where can Time Machine store backup files?

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