9L0-422 OS X Support Essentials 10.10 (Exam 2)

9L0-422 OS X Support Essentials 10.10 (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of these are available from the Utilities menu when you start up from the OS...

  • In what order do these three OS X components load when you start up a Mac?

  • An OS X computer is connected to both an Ethernet and a Wi-Fi network. In Network ...

  • How can you display the contents of a hidden folder on a mounted volume in the Fin...

  • Which statement is true of ALL THREE buses: USB, FireWire, and Thunderbolt?

  • Which IP address could a Mac assign to its Ethernet interface if no DHCP services ...

  • Review the screenshot, then answer the question below.If you click Delete User in ...

  • How can you exclude the /Users/anna/Downloads/ folder from Time Machine backups?

  • Which statement best describes how Time Machine stores files from an OS X computer...

  • Which process can you use to start up a Mac in target disk mode?

  • Which restriction can you set in Parental Controls preferences?

  • You started up your Mac from its OS X Recovery partition, and you need to repair t...

  • Which dynamic service discovery protocol does OS X use to discover devices on a ne...

  • Which statement best describes the primary function of application sandboxing in O...

  • You're logged in on an OS X computer that has multiple user accounts. The Public f...

  • Which folder contains items that tell launchd what to launch when OS X starts up?

  • You want to manage configuration profiles on a Mac with OS X, but the Profiles pre...

  • You're logged in to a Mac as a standard user. How can you display the OS X Yosemit...

  • When a user logs in, which task is NOT performed by loginwindow or launchd processes?

  • How can you display the serial number for a Mac you're logged in to?

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