9L0-422 OS X Support Essentials 10.10 (Exam 4)

9L0-422 OS X Support Essentials 10.10 (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of these files will Time Machine, by default, NOT back up?

  • Which will force a nonresponsive app to quit?

  • On a Mac, where can user preferences for sandboxed apps be stored?

  • You're unable to connect to a web server from your OS X computer. How can Tracerou...

  • What's the role of the launchd process when an OS X computer starts up?

  • You've started up a Mac from its Recovery partition. How do you open the Startup D...

  • What should you be aware of when dragging apps to the Trash?

  • Which describes the function of Safe Boot in OS X?

  • You're configuring an OS X computer that will be in a public space. You want anyon...

  • You started up a Mac from its OS X Recovery partition. When you restarted, the Mac...

  • Review the screenshot from FileVault preferences, then answer the question below.Y...

  • In the Finder, which statement is true of file and folder permissions?

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