A01-250 SAS Platfrom Adminstration (Exam 4)

A01-250 SAS Platfrom Adminstration (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • If a server or spawner is failing to start, what would be the most appropriate fir...

  • Metadata repositories are a collection of files in a physical folder. In what form...

  • By default, the SASMeta application server context:

  • By default, which type of servers run under shared credentials?

  • How many object spawners, at a minimum, need to be defined in the metadata?

  • After the SAS configuration completes, all of the configuration directories, files...

  • Your environment contains a restore program named restoreServer.sas. Which stateme...

  • Which statement is FALSE regarding the use of the OMABAKUP macro to backup the SAS...

  • In what state must the metadata server be in if you choose to use operating system...

  • Which of the following is NOT a method you could use to restore your SAS environment?

  • A user needs to access data in a cube. The user has the following characteristics:...

  • The suffix of a SAS Internal account is:

  • An internal account is used to provide the initial connection to which server?

  • When you use a connection profile and the SASSEC_LOCAL_PW_SAVE option is set to Y,...

  • A platform administrator needs to provide seamless access to the standard workspac...

  • A platform administrator has converted the standard workspace server to use SAS To...

  • Given the definition: A SAS metadata object that pairs logins with the server defi...

  • Which server does the Connection Profile allow you to connect to?

  • How do you modify the logging levels of a server without having to restart the ser...

  • A platform administrator needs to update service account passwords in the metadata...

Oct. 20, 2016
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