ACMA_6.1 Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.1 (Exam 5)

ACMA_6.1 Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.1 (Exam 5)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • The Guest Provisioning user account has the ability to do which of the following?

  • Which of the following is true about configuring a server group?

  • When adding licenses in the startup wizard license screen a reboot is required:

  • Guest access can be provided securely by combining the following components of an ...

  • 802.11n APs operate in which bands? (Select two)

  • In decrypt-tunneled forwarding mode, which of the following is true?

  • WPA and WPA2 can use the following authentication methods: (Select two)

  • Which of the following core components of ARM enables intelligent distribution of ...

  • Which one of the following file types cannot be imported to Visual RF Plan?

  • Aruba's recommended best option for authenticating guest users is:

  • Aliases are used in firewall policies to:

  • An Aruba AP 125 is capable of supporting which of the following network types? (Se...

  • What does SET ORIENTATION option do in the Visual RF Plan edit tool?

  • Which of the following is true of an Aruba Mobility Controller acting as a layer 3...

  • Which of these is NOT a valid license type? (Select two)

  • In a Campus AP deployment, an access point has been provisioned statically with an...

  • Web based captive portal can be authenticated by the following types of databases:...

  • What is the IP address of the controller when using the startup wizard?

  • When local controller is selected as the controller's operation mode in the startu...

  • What is NOT a basic configuration in the startup wizard when configuring a WLAN?

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