ACMA_6.1 Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.1 (Exam 6)

ACMA_6.1 Aruba Certified Mobility Associate 6.1 (Exam 6)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which firewall action is necessary in a guest pre-authentication role to display t...

  • When a client is blacklisted, the controller will:

  • Which of the following statements about management accounts is false?

  • 802.1X authentication takes place:

  • When configuring a default gateway in the startup wizard it must be a part of:

  • A Remote AP uses which type of secure tunnel to communicate with a controller:

  • What type of authentication servers are selectable in the WLAN wizard? (Select thr...

  • Which of the following information is gathered by APs during scanning periods? (Se...

  • Visual RF Plan requires certain building information when defining a new building....

  • When a barcode scanner connects to an AP, what is the 1st role that is assigned to...

  • Which of the following is NOT one of the four continuous functions of ARM?

  • In what order does the AP dynamically discover the Master controller?

  • When configuring a guest WLAN via the WLAN section of the startup wizard, which se...

  • Order the following steps from 1-4 for the AP boot process:AP transfers OS from co...

  • The AP Wizard allows the selection of APs to be provisioned using which of the fol...

  • Which of the following is NOT available for configuration via startup wizard?

  • Firewall policy should be written from:

  • How many roles should be created on a controller?

  • Which of the following cannot be accomplished from the startup wizard?

  • Clients connecting to a remote AP at a branch office can get an IP address through...

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