AWMP Aruba Wireless Mesh Professional 4.2 (Exam 3)

AWMP Aruba Wireless Mesh Professional 4.2 (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • How many gateways can the AWR protocol support?

  • Which statement about the VPLM is not true?

  • When deploying a mesh network to have the same VLAN service as the wired network, ...

  • What is VPLM used for?

  • How does VPLM avoid network loop?

  • What is the recommended operational mode of each radio on the MSR2000 in a linear ...

  • Which interface can one never assign an IP address to?

  • Which statement(s) about mesh link creation is true of Aruba MeshOS?

  • What are the main functions of RFM?

  • Which function(s) is (are) disabled in the factory default configuration of an Aru...

  • Which data path forwarding modes do Aruba mesh routers support?

  • When designing a new Aruba mesh network, what is the SNR level of each link one sh...

  • When designing Layer 3 networks, which of these statements regarding IP pools is c...

  • Which of the following is not a feature of Aruba AirMesh routers that can be utili...

  • When creating mesh network configurations, which of these parameters are not requi...

  • Assume a video surveillance network design where 3 remote cameras are co-located w...

  • On what interface does AWR send and receive routing information of mesh nodes?

  • Which statement about AWR is NOT correct?

  • Which statement about MSR4000 is correct?

  • Which statements about AWR are correct?

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