AX0-100 Axis Network Video Exam (Exam 1)

AX0-100 Axis Network Video Exam (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which is an impact on cameras that are operating above their specified temperature...

  • Which of the following will allow a customer to have a PTZ camera automatically ch...

  • In a network surveillance installation, the purpose of a router is to

  • Which of the following conditions has to be met to use multicast streaming?

  • With Axis Coverage Shapes, the designer can

  • An analog system that should be upgraded to IP using encoders must have the end of...

  • A customer asks for a fixed mini dome with a DC-iris lens. 2.8-10 mm varifocal len...

  • Working with a retailer on a site survey, they ask if there's any way to get more ...

  • The capability to view and record up to four different areas of the whole image of...

  • A customer is not getting the storage retention they had expected while using H.26...

  • After an installer sets up a motion detection window they then zoom out the camera...

  • Working with the end user, you find that they need a cost-effective mini dome with...

  • Before upgrading firmware, which of the following should be checked?

  • Image flickering is caused by

  • Which API is used to ensure interoperability between products from different vendors?

  • When using the AXIS Design Tool, what is the most important message to bring to yo...

  • Which security features are provided through a managed switch?

  • What is the maximum distance for a 10OBaseTX Ethernet carrying 802.3at PoE connect...

  • Which is an advantage of the H.264 compression standard?

  • A camera can deliver two full resolution 30 fps H.264 streams. The customer wants ...

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