BCABA Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (Exam 1)

BCABA Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • After collecting baseline data and verifying the hypothesis, which of the followin...

  • Which statement is an example of "philosophic doubt"?

  • Which is NOT true of determinism?

  • What is the reinforcing consequence in "I itch, therefore I scratch?"

  • Which is NOT a characteristic of applied behavior analysis?

  • One of the properties of behavior is

  • Sue consults with her supervisor to be certain her procedures are conceptually sys...

  • In the past, Parnelli consistently drove at high speeds on city streets. However, ...

  • Fiona cannot independently open her lunchbox. It is lunch time. The teacher closes...

  • The dependency between a response and the stimuli that precede and follow it is re...

  • A functional relationship is said to exist when two events

  • Larry engages in self-injurious behavior which is maintained by automatic reinforc...

  • A person engages in target behaviors in environments different from the original t...

  • Terry notices that his heart rate increases and he begins to sweat when he enters ...

  • The defining feature of operant conditioning, as contrasted with respondent condit...

  • Echoic behavior is controlled by a

  • A behavior analyst is conducting a communication training session with a child. Th...

  • Tact behavior is controlled by a ________ stimulus. The reinforcer for tact behavi...

  • Mr. Myers asks Susan what her favorite food is. Susan answers, "Spaghetti." This i...

  • Contingency-shaped behavior is:

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