BCABA Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (Exam 10)

BCABA Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (Exam 10)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • What must happen for an alternating-treatments design to be optimally effective?

  • What determines the amount of change at each step in a changing-criterion design?

  • A child diagnosed with autism engages in hand flapping almost continuously at home...

  • What type of analysis should be conducted to determine the amount of a particular ...

  • The BEST definition for head banging would be any instance of Susan:

  • Interval recording provides an estimate of which two measures of behavior?

  • A mother wants to reduce the amount of time that it takes for her son to come to h...

  • Disruptive behavior occurs at a moderate rate and consistent intensity level throu...

  • When asked by her father to get her glucose tested, Cindy routinely says, "No," an...

  • Which measurement would be MOST useful when evaluating a procedure designed to tea...

  • Trials to criterion is an appropriate measure of which dimension of behavior?

  • Based on this data display, what interpretation can be made with confidence?

  • Which is the BEST description of the results obtained during the second session of...

  • Jason and Justin sit together and tease one another in class. Often the teasing ev...

  • The best method for identifying potential reinforcers is to usE.

  • As the latency between the targeted behavior and delivery of consequences increase...

  • At the point in time when non-contingent reinforcement is delivered, the treatment...

  • When using time out in a classroom, which of the following should be considered?

  • Reinforcing "picking up shoe" in a shoe-tying program would be an example of a ste...

  • Which procedure is the MOST reasonable and effective application of incidental tea...

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