BCABA Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (Exam 4)

BCABA Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • A behavior analyst is conducting research on the accuracy of a student's respondin...

  • A teacher is tracking the performance of both math and spelling assignments for ea...

  • What does this graph depict?

  • The response rate for this cumulative record would BEST be described as:

  • This graph BEST exemplifies:

  • Which characteristic of the response measure shown in this graph changed from base...

  • Wilma argues with her coworker, who shares the same workstation. Even though Wilma...

  • To definitively identify effective reinforcers for an individual, it is necessary to:

  • Once a stimulus has been determined to function as a reinforcer in a particular co...

  • The reinforcement schedule that produces a high steady rate of responding is:

  • In order to obtain the GREATEST increase in the value of an identified reinforcer ...

  • Jimmy is watching his favorite Saturday morning cartoon and playing with his train...

  • Which does NOT increase the effectiveness of punishment?

  • A punishment contingency is LEAST likely to produce which effect?

  • An extinction procedure involves:

  • Unwanted side-effects associated with the use of an extinction procedure are MOST ...

  • If a client exhibits problem behaviors throughout the day and evenings regardless ...

  • In order to replace a behavior targeted for change with a behavior that topographi...

  • For which scenario would discrimination training be an appropriate behavior change...

  • A teacher gives a student a piece of paper and asks him to draw a picture. To requ...

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