BCCPA Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (Exam 1)

BCCPA Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • An administrator created a PIN for the ProxySG front panel, disabled the built-in ...

  • The ProxySG acts as both an ICAP client and ICAP server.

  • The ProxySG gives you the ability to write policies through.

  • Which is NOT a support- related site for Blue Coat products?

  • Which ProxySG technology uses the data processing pipeline similar to the one show...

  • Which of the following Authentication Realms are supported by Blue Coat in SGOS 5....

  • What are the possible configurable options when configuring destination address in...

  • What are the types of challenges that can be authenticated by ProxySG? (Choose all...

  • A ProxySG is designed to do which of the following? (Choose all that apply)(a) Enh...

  • Which streaming services are supported by ProxySG?

  • Which option is NOT available to upload logfiles from ProxySG?

  • What acceleration techniques are NOT part of MACHS?

  • Which of the following types of traffic are not scanned with ICAP REQMOD?

  • The goal of creating and using Notify User objects is (Choose all that apply)(a) t...

  • What can be concluded about this request processing order?

  • Which of the following methods is NOT appropriate for the initial setup for a Prox...

  • The default policy for ProxySG is DENY. Network administrator creates a VPM policy...

  • Which Instant Messaging proxies are available on the ProxySG? (Choose all that app...

  • In SGOS 5.3, what are the two versions that you can opt for? (Choose all that appl...

  • What ProxySG appliance has these default settings?(a) Default policy is ALLOW(b) T...

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