BCCPA Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (Exam 7)

BCCPA Blue Coat Certified Proxy Administrator (Exam 7)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • When using WebPulse with Blue Coat WebFilter, how can you determine the list of op...

  • Which of these is equivalent to the following IPv6 address?fe80::2d0:83ff:fe04:9c9e

  • Which of the following authentication realms are supported in SGOS version 6.2?(Se...

  • Which one of the following categorization methods is not covered by ProxySG and Bl...

  • Which one of these statements is true about the factory default settings of a Prox...

  • Persistent TCP connections are enabled by default starting with which version of H...

  • Which of the following access logging features are supported by the ProxySG? (Sele...

  • When accessing default administrative account with the ProxySG Management Console,...

  • After a URL has been categorized by the WebPulse background rating service, when a...

  • Which of the following parts of a URL are NOT case-sensitive? (Select all that apply)

  • Some models of the ProxySG have a user limit. The user limit is based on which one...

  • Proxy servers and firewalls are network security devices that________

  • The Connect HTTP method is reserved for use with a proxy that can dynamically swit...

  • Forward proxy of SSL allows applying policies to encrypted SSL dat

  • Which is NOT a support- related site for Blue Coat products?

  • What can be concluded about this request processing order?

  • What are "unmanaged endpoints' which make the Blue Coat RA (Remote Access) applian...

  • If an error occurs during Proxy AV request or response processing, which of the fo...

  • What is returned to the HTTP request" GET / HTTP/ 1.1 "?

  • What is true immediately after the initial setup of ProxySG

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