BCCPP Blue Coat Certified Proxy Professional, V.3.5.1 (Exam 2)

BCCPP Blue Coat Certified Proxy Professional, V.3.5.1 (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Hostname of the BCAAA= serverlDNS suffix =bluecoat.comHostname of the Bluecoat SG ...

  • In ProxyAV anti-virus scanners are____

  • Which statement is correct about Proxy-Authorization header?

  • While configuring Blue Coat directory, what is an Overlay?

  • CPL is required when creating which types of policy?

  • Which of the following statements are true about Bandwidth Management Hierarchies ...

  • Which authentication realm is NOT supported for authenticating administrators to t...

  • If a user can not be derived through the Window SSO realm, then the client will .

  • In which of the following ways can Access Logging be enabled? (Choose all that app...

  • Which of the following cashing techniques utilize retrieval workers to keep the co...

  • Which server certificate validation errors can be ignored within ProxySG policy? (...

  • When configuring Blue Coat Director, how can an administrator be authenticated? (C...

  • Which of the following Health Checks can be defined for a forwarding host? (Choose...

  • Which of the following is NOT true about global and per-rule policy tracing?

  • Which of the following access log formats are supported by the ProxySG? (Choose al...

  • By default, what type of authentication challenge will the user-agent receive if t...

  • Which types of requests are likely to be served the fastest?

  • When a TCP health check responds as "healthy" then, .

  • What are the two main functions of configuring forwarding in ProxySG? (Choose all ...

  • Which authentication modes would result in a user-agent receiving a HTTP 401-Unaut...

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