C2020-605 IBM Cognos 10 Controller Developer Exam (Exam 4)

C2020-605 IBM Cognos 10 Controller Developer Exam (Exam 4)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which of the following best describes group journals in contrast to company journals?

  • Currency conversion codes E and F in Controller both use the historical rates take...

  • A Controller administrator wants to eliminate intercompany balances prior to conso...

  • An administrator wants to eliminate acquisition values before consolidating the da...

  • The administrator has booked an intercompany transaction using a group journal and...

  • In the process of eliminating acquisition values from the Controller system, an ad...

  • What do control tables allow the administrator to do?

  • Before movement accounts can be generated, where must the administrator enable the...

  • When using a non-manual consolidation type, when would the administrator update th...

  • Company ABC has multiple purchase method investments with surplus values attribute...

  • What effect does locking at the company level have on the closing version?

  • The Trial Balance with Drilldown shows a million dollar intercompany difference. W...

  • What happens when a main account type code is changed into a statistical account t...

  • How can an administrator configure Controller in such a way that intercompany bala...

  • Which of the following is true of the Excel Link?

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