C2090-612 DB2 10 DBA for z OS (Exam 1)

C2090-612 DB2 10 DBA for z OS (Exam 1)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Workload Manager (WLM) manages how many concurrent stored procedures can run in an...

  • If a single row of the PLAN_TABLE has a 'Y' value in more than one of the sort com...

  • The EXPLAIN STMTCACHE ALL statement provides information about SQL tuning. Which i...

  • What trace class will show deadlock information?

  • What is a consideration when specifying DATA CAPTURE CHANGES?

  • In the CFRM policy, what is the purpose of the PREFLIST?

  • Which trace gives information about frequent log space shortages?

  • What should be implemented in order to audit all the activity of the install SYSADM?

  • Which attribute(s) determine the absolute maximum number of partitions for a parti...

  • On what type of index would an ALTER INDEX ADD COLUMN be allowed?

  • If SEGSIZE 64 and MAXPARTITIONS 10 are specified in a CREATE TABLESPACE statement,...

  • The following DDL statements are executed to create the following objects: CREATE ...

  • A unique index (IX1) currently exists on COL1, COL2 and COL3 of the table. There i...

  • You have to design a numeric column, which is also the primary key. The column sho...

  • How can you find out which external and native stored procedures are active in the...

  • A table space is in AREO*. What does this status mean?

  • For monitoring space growth over time, which statistics should NOT be considered?

  • Which statement is NOT true?

  • Which statement applies to the command STOP DB(MYDB*) SP(*) AT(COMMIT)?

  • In order to properly monitor locks on a continual basis, which action should be pe...

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