C2090-612 DB2 10 DBA for z OS (Exam 5)

C2090-612 DB2 10 DBA for z OS (Exam 5)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which DB2 performance feature is designed specifically to reduce the number of ind...

  • The performance of BP5 is being evaluated. The Page residency time is being used t...

  • Which of the following types of SQL statements are NOT eligible to be stored in th...

  • When is changing an index from non-clustering to clustering NOT allowed?

  • To monitor the storage used above and below the 2GB bar, what must occur?

  • The frequency of data being changed for several tables in the new Billing applicat...

  • When specifying "A" for the acceptance option in the column SECURITY_IN in the SYS...

  • What must be done in order to audit read access to a table?

  • Which minimum system privilege allows you to create a trusted context?

  • DB2 10 is in enabling-new-function mode* after migrating from Version 8, which sta...

  • Which clone table statement is correct?

  • Which of the following does NOT make a view a read-only view?

  • A LOB column with BLOB(40) INLINE LENGTH 40 has been defined. Which statement is c...

  • Which statement about encoding schemes is correct?

  • In which situation does adding a referential constraint place a table space contai...

  • Your table space DB1.TS1 is currently index-partitioned. Which steps should be per...

  • Which of the following types of table spaces allow multiple tables?

  • Click on the exhibit to view properly coded XML data. Some employees have been ass...

  • What is the one significant difference between sequence objects and identity columns?

  • What is the purpose of the following query? SELECT DBNAME, NAME FROM SYSIBM.SYSTAB...

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