C2090-919 Informix 11.70 System Administrator Exam (Exam 3)

C2090-919 Informix 11.70 System Administrator Exam (Exam 3)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which Windows utility is used to configure the SQLHOSTS registry key?

  • How does the Deployment Assistant enable you to reduce the size of the installatio...

  • Which statement about in-place migration is true?

  • Which statement is NOT true for interval fragmentation?

  • Given the two indexes defined on table tab1:Which optimization method may be used?

  • Given the following table, what happens if you insert a row with an id of 450?

  • Given the following SQL statement:WHEN MATCHED THEN DELETE What does the merge sta...

  • Which utility requires database logging be turned off to load a table?

  • Which is NOT valid information in the SQLHOSTS connectivity file (or on windows th...

  • Which of the following is NOT in the machine notes?

  • What two parameters can affect how often checkpoints occur? (Choose two.)

  • What two conditions must be met for direct I/O to occur? (Choose two.)

  • Which utilities CANNOT be used to migrate an Informix instance from one hardware v...

  • Assuming the DBSPACETEMP onconfig and environment variables are set to valid dbspa...

  • What does this user-defined task/sensor do?

  • When running an onstat -u, what does a 'Y' in the first column of the flags signify?

  • By default, the alarm program gets executed for which event(s)?

  • Which command line utility displays real time statistics about the instance?

  • If SQLTRACE is enabled, what information is displayed by this statement? select ma...

  • Which onstat command returns an accurate free count of blobspace pages?

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