C2140-823 Rational Quality Manager V3 Exam (Exam 2)

C2140-823 Rational Quality Manager V3 Exam (Exam 2)

created by Fisher BRink (@fisher) at Feb. 8, 2016
  • Which three test plan templates are available in the list of pre-defined templates...

  • Which type of test cases is NOT a good candidate for a test suite?

  • What can be used as requirements providers for quality management? (Choose three.)

  • The risk assessment score for an individual risk is the average of the Likelihood,...

  • After you create a test plan, which work item can you assign to team members to re...

  • When a test manager determines that the test plan is ready for review, they assign...

  • What is the benefit of dashboard?

  • Which of following statements are true regarding RRDI?

  • A test schedule lists activities, tasks, or events that make up a test plan and al...

  • Which statement is true about the IBM Rational ClearQuest Synchronizer?

  • What are two characteristics of personal dashboards? (Choose two.)

  • Which statement is true about deleting artifacts in Rational Quality Manager?

  • What are three ways a user can enhance their dashboard? (Choose three.)

  • What are the two best sequencing strategies to organize test cases into a test sui...

  • In a scenario where you have two test cases that need to be executed in three diff...

  • A copied test plan snapshot does not retain the contents of which section?

  • Which two statements are true for Test Environment Planning and Generation? (Choos...

  • What is used in IBM Rational Quality Manager to create custom reports?

  • Which statement is true about a test case?

  • What must be done when migrating test artifacts from a Rational TestManager projec...

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